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Mining and manufacturing processes are vertically integrated to convert selected ore into quartz concentrates for further development into IOTA® high purity quartz. With more than forty years of high purity production experience, Unimin's innovative mineral separation techniques and advanced quality assurance systems are the foundation of every IOTA quartz product.

To ensure an uninterrupted and global supply, Unimin operates multiple plants and systems for all key processes. We operate two distinct mines and four manufacturing plants in the Spruce Pine region to produce high purity IOTA® quartz. This includes an interchangeable production system comprised of two mineral processing plants, two high purity quartz production plants and multiple analytical service laboratories. In the unlikely event that one operation is impacted, Unimin's dual manufacturing strategy assures a reliable and continuous supply of high purity quartz products. The benefit for IOTA quartz customers throughout the value chain is a qualified and secure supply.

Each of these plants represents a multi-million dollar investment in capacity, quality assurance, and production flexibility. With knowledge of our customer's applications, and continuous technical exchange to understand downstream requirements, we produce a complete range of standard and custom engineered IOTA® products to fulfill unique process and product requirements.