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About Us

Unimin Corporation is North America's largest producer of non-metallic industrial minerals and the world's largest producer of high purity quartz. We are an integral supplier to a diverse customer base whose applications range from traditional glass and ceramics, to metal casting and metallurgy, to solar energy production and semi-conductor computer chips.

A member of the Sibelco Group, Unimin invests for the future and is managed with a long-term perspective. The privately held Sibelco Group is itself a 140 year old diversified and multi-mineral mining company operating more than 250 mines and plants in 41 countries on five continents. Collectively we are a global resource for our stakeholders, drawing upon a synergistic mineral portfolio and the expertise and ingenuity of more than 10,000 employees to create real value for our customers.

Unimin is a recognized leader in the mining and industrial minerals community, with a long working relationship with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) that reflects our ongoing commitment to workplace safety. Unimin has been twice singled out for its exemplary safety record with the MSHA Sentinels of Safety award and is recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council with their Signature of Sustainability and Community Partner of the Year awards.

To learn more about Unimin Corporation and our sustainability initiatives visit: www.unimin.com and www.uniminsustainability.com.


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